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About the BiotechClub

The BiotechClub is an organisation for the young researchers curious about science beyond academia.

The BiotechClub was founded in May 2010 by three students from the University of Helsinki: Vytas Raulinaitis, Anna Enzerink and Zhao Zeng. Since then, the BiotechClub has organised well over 30 events, including seminars and forums, local and international field trips, career events and social gatherings. It continually welcomes new members as well as ideas and suggestions to cater best to the interests of its members.


1. To stimulate student interest in and promote understanding of biotechnology industry


2. To provide educational experiences in industry venues


3. To act as a source of information for current relevant biotechnology industry-oriented events





Individuals subscribing to the BiotechClub mailing list. In the event of individual competitive selection, such as for the field trips, priority is granted in the following order: persons in charge of the event, members of the BiotechClub and the rest.

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A steering body of the BiotechClub formed by the pro-active members. They interact with all other stakeholders. To join the Committee, contact one of the current members for more info.



A senior ambassador of the BiotechClub and monitor of Board operations. 



Advisory Board

An instructive body for the Committee consultation and guidance.

The current members of the advisory board are:

Liisa Uotila_edited.jpg

Liisa Uotila, planning officer of four life science doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki.


Liisa has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Helsinki and is an ILS alumni herself. After her PhD, Liisa did two postdocs, one in Viikki  in the Integrins in Immunity group, and one in Meilahti in the Lymphangiogenesis Research and Antibody Development group. Liisa has also studied university pedagogy and has teacher qualifications.


In her free time Liisa tries to get hold of circus acrobatics and renovating old houses


Tarja Jalava, Director, Head of Clinical Project Management at Oncology Strategic Business Unit at Bayer.

Tarja has a PhD in Biochemistry from the Helsinki University.

Tarja has a long career in Pharma Industry already from her Master Thesis.

Tarja has a vast experience in Global Clinical Development with a special focus on oncology.

She joined Bayer Finland  in 1996 and prior that she has been working over 10 years in other Pharmaceutical companies.


In her free time she enjoys outdoor activities in our beautiful Finnish Nature.


Nina Blom, Senior Advisor of doctoral training at DSHealth. Currently on leave, working as a Project Manager at Technology Academy Finland until February 2021.


Nina has a PhD in Cell Biology from Åbo Akademi University and she has completed approbatur studies in pedagogy. After her PhD Nina worked for a short time as a post doc, and in 2011, she transferred to an administrative position at the University of Helsinki.


In her free time, she’s mostly found at playgrounds, but she’s secretly dreaming of hiking trips both near and far.


Photo credit: Minna Zaknoun at TAF


Vincenzo Cerullo, Head of Drug Research Program at the University of Helsinki.

Vince has a PhD at from the University of Naples, Federico II and did his postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine. He has been working at the University of Helsinki since 2009 and in 2012 he was awarded the tenure-track professorship and started his own research group, IVTLab.

In these years IVTLab has raised more than 5 million Euros for research, has produced tens of scientific papers and patents, and has co-founded a multimillion spin-off company (VALO therapeutics). Vince has been awarded the Outstading Young Investigator and the Excellence in Research award, and has been ranked N°13 worldwide and N°4 in Europe among the most expert scientists in the field of oncolytic virotherapy.

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